Since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed building things, but it was Microsoft FrontPage that introduced me to my passion for creating websites and apps. Early on I began creating websites, which to me seemed like a Choose Your Own Adventure, a way to create your own stories for anyone in the world to experience. Many years and products later, I still love telling stories by developing tools and apps that create wonderful experiences.

I previously worked as a Senior Product Manager at iHeartRadio where I was the lead product manager for subscription services, podcasts and product marketing. I also contributed to much of iHeartRadio's success as a podcast platform having launched features like auto-download, cross-platform progress sync, offline support, real time notifications and much more.

I sometimes moonlight as an engineer as well, in 2015 I single handedly built and launched iHeartRadio's Chrome Extension (no longer online) selected as one of the best Chrome Extensions of the year by Google Chrome Web Store editors.